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What happens if I have a problem with the bike outside office hours?

If you have a problem with the bike outside office hours simply lock up the bike in a safe place and use the contact form on the website to leave us a message. Please explain the nature of the problem and where the bike has been locked up and we will contact you the next day. Alternatively you can email us at

What is Citycard Cycles?

Citycard Cycles is a 24 hour on-street bike hire service, providing bicycles for hire for residents and visitors from a number of automated stations across Nottingham.

How does it work ?

Citycard Cycles is very simple. Sign up online via the website or app. Once you've signed up as a member, you'll receive a membership number and PIN via SMS and /or email. Simply key in your membership number and PIN at any of the stations and select a docking point that contains the bike you want to rent. Then press the flashing button on top of the lock box to release the bike. You can return the bike to any station, not just the one you rented it from.

I don't have a Braintree account

No problem, Braintree only process the debit or credit card payment, you don't need an account.

Do I need to register every time I wish to cycle?

No, once you have registered and got your membership No and PIN simply type your membership No and PIN in to the control panel on the hire stand, you will be able to hire a bike as long as you have credit on your account.

What happens if I cycle for longer than I intend/have credit for?

Within 72 hrs the system will automatically charge any debit balance on your account. If the automated process is unable to collect any monies owing then you will need to either login to your account and top-up your balance, or call a member of our team who will do it for you. Your account will be locked if it remains in debit.

What happens if I don’t use all the credits I add to my account?

Not a problem, unused credits will remain on your account ready for your next hire.

Do my minutes start when I register?

No, your cycle time charges only start 5 minutes after the bike is removed from the docking station. This is to allow you to return / swap a bike if you choose to do so.

Where are the bikes located ?

Please see the map for exact locations of live stations (University of Nottingham Main Campus Sports Hall opening soon). The City Council is reviewing the long term future of cycle hire in the City, including the potential of rolling out more installations.

Are Locks provided with the bikes?

Yes combination locks are provided with the bikes in case you wish to secure the bike during your travels. The number will be given to you at the console once you have selected the bike you wish to cycle on.

I have forgotten my Combination Lock number?

Login to your account online and select On Going Rentals

What about helmets ?

Helmets are not provided with the hire bike as we are unable to guarantee the safety of the helmets provided. We do however encourage cyclists to wear a helmet where possible.

What if I forget my login details ?

Email us ( or call us on +44 (0)115 832 0264 and we will call you to verify your details and issue you with another card or PIN number.

Can I use the bikes without my PIN ?

For security reasons you will need to have both your membership number and PIN number. You may change the PIN number to a 4 digit number that is more memorable for you - login to with your customer number and PIN and you can change your PIN to something more memorable online.

A bicycle is damaged

If you find a bicycle that is damaged please tell us. If you have time it is useful if you can turn the saddle sideways to indicate to other people it is not to be used.

The station is full, what do I do ?

In this case lock the bike securely nearby using the combination lock, and call us on +44(0) 115 832 0264 to end your hire. The bike is your responsibility until you do this.

How can I check if my rental has closed successfully?

Login to your account and go to the Ongoing rentals tab – this will advise if you have any active rentals. Alternatively you can go to the List of Rentals tab – this will show you a summary of all your recent journeys including start and end stations and times.